UI vs UX Design – What’s the difference

From the day first, both UI and UX are remained confusing terms in web and mobile design. Why too much confusion? Is it possible to distinguish these terms in a simple way? Yes, of course, it is super easy. I’m going to differentiate and explain these terms in this article. Also, I’ll introduce many great resources for you to learn UI & UX designing, that may leads you to get a great job or start your own business.

Let's start with simple. I have designed an infographics that makes it super easy to understand UI/UX:

What is UI Design?

“UI” stands for “user interface”. The user interface is about the “look” of an application. A graphical representation, which includes buttons, colour scheme, text, images, slider and all the rest of items the user interacts with.

Do you want to be a UI Designer? That’s great! You just have to work on the following major skills set:
- Graphic Design
- Visual Design
- Typography
- Color Selection

UI Resources:

There are various resources on internet that may help you to learn these skills. I’m revealing some of my favourite resources:


What is UX Design?

“UX” stands for “user experience”. It means, how a user interact with a website/app. How smoothly a user can use it? Is there any confusion in user’s mind will interacting with it? All these questions (and many more related) falls in UX Design.

Do you want to be a UX Designer? Awesome! There are some skills required to be a best UX Designer:
- User Researcher
- Wire Framing
- Prototyping
- Process Flow

UX Resources:

Here are some selected resources to learn UX from scratch to advanced:

They Both Work Together? How?

Yes, they always work together.

While designing a mobile app or a website, designer should consider both of these areas(UI and UX). UX determines how a user interface “WORK” and UI determines how a user interface “LOOK”.


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